Learn & Master®
Learn & Master is our anchor brand at Legacy Learning Systems. This product line follows our comprehensive approach to learning skills that are best learned by a complete system. Whether it’s the leisurely pursuit of oil painting skills or a downright obsession with learning the guitar, our Learn & Master brand has proven successful both online and in retail. The lead product for this brand was produced in partnership with Gibson Guitars: The award-winning Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar course.


Guitar Apprentice
Guitar Apprentice is the new visual approach to learning guitar. This is hit-song-based instruction that allows the student to play along with an entire song, accompanied by a full band from the moment they start. Songs are broken into 15 different levels of difficulty in such a way that on the first level, the student only provides a chord or two. Even at this level, he enjoys the gratification of participating for the entire song. As skills are built, he plays more and more of the song as he moves up the levels. At the final level, he’s playing the entire song at full speed.

Through our partnership with Gibson Guitars, we’ve also produced the wildly popular Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar App, featuring Studioshare recording capabilities. We also produce and provide all the instruction for Gibson’s “Skills-House,” the online lessons section of Coming soon is “Learn & Master Live,” that will feature full streaming versions of all our Learn & Master course materials.

Gibson’s LMG App
The Gibson Learn & Master Guitar App for iPhone and Android has been downloaded by over 3 million users. This application provides guitar players with essential tools to help them become a better guitar player as well as free full length lessons from the award winning Learn & Master Guitar. It features a professional chromatic guitar tuner, metronome, and a full chord encyclopedia.

StudioShare App
In addition to the above features, the latest version of the Gibson Learn & Master Guitar App comes with Studioshare, a community-based recording/sharing plug-in that will allow musicians from all over the world to share/compare their work as well as create collaborative recordings from right on their iPhones.

Gibson’s Skills House
Gibson’s Skills-House is the song/skill-based guitar instruction area inside Every week, two new song lessons are produced and posted inside Skills-House for site visitors to use. A new sample song is also posted inside the Guitar Apprentice section of Skills-House every week.