Legacy Learning Systems Brings Personal Dreams Within Reach With This Year’s Most Exciting New Products to Enhance Your Life Nashville, Tennessee…October 23, 2011 Legacy Learning Systems, the award winning multimedia and new technology company based in Nashville, Tennessee has announced the ultimate in holiday gift giving ideas to make learning fun. The company, which has won numerous awards for its original apps and Learn & Master series of instructional video packages provides some of this year’s most unique and interactive new products for that special gift at a very economical price. For the gift recipient that has everything, nothing can be more powerful than one that lasts a lifetime. With each and every instructional multimedia product there comes the mission to bring your own talent within reach while maintaining a fun and exciting learning experience based on personal interaction, new technologies, steadfast techniques and well known instructors. “We have taken the word learning and made it fun,” said Gabriel Smith, Founder/CEO of Legacy Learning Systems. “Making music is always about bringing people together and we think our new products will allow our customers to find talents they didn’t even know they had, achieve their goals and have a fantastic time doing it.”This year Legacy Learning Systems will offer the following critically acclaimed products for the holiday season: Guitar Apprentice™: An entirely new approach to bringing out your inner rock star! This approach to learning guitar combines the technology of video gaming and interactive player components with the use of your own guitar set to different levels of skill. Legendary music icon, Randy Bachman, even provided his master tracks of the blockbuster hit single “Takin Care of Business” for the highly anticipated new retail product available at Guitar Center stores nationwide in mid-October. Make no mistake however, “This Ain’t No Video Game.” A beginner player or music enthusiast can strap on his own guitar and learn how to play with Guitar Apprentice™ while engaging in an on-screen environment that supplies a fast, easy and fun instructional platform. It’s not a game, it’s an actual instructional series of lessons that allows the player to achieve different levels and play “with” the music, not “at” the music. Some of the world’s best known songs are included in Guitar Apprentice™ and feature songs such as “Hey Jude,” “Sharp Dressed Man,” and “More Than a Feeling.” The higher the level achieved throughout the experience, the more of each song a guitar player will play. The unique feature of Guitar Apprentice is that it takes the approach of instant gratification. Each song is broken into different difficulty levels, so even if you’ve never played guitar you’ll be able to keep up on the first beginner level. You provide a very minimal amount of simple chords at the first stage, and Guitar Apprentice™ will supply the rest. Once you move through the levels, you’ll be given more and more chords to play until you’re finally playing the full song. Guitar Apprentice™ offers 15 levels for each song. It guides the player through a non-intimidating environment which shows chords and strings on the screen. The guitar player will never be lost or overwhelmed. There are no plastic controllers or colored knobs and no pretend music, just your own real guitar and the most advanced guitar playing experience for every level ever offered. Learn & Master Photography™: Cameras are everywhere and in the world of social media, visuals become your story. Most people however get frustrated with the images they capture even with an expensive camera that they expected to automatically adjust and create perfect images. The Learn & Master Photography™ series teaches photography enthusiasts all they need to know on how to capture the perfectly exposed, well composed and emotionally exciting photo. Professional photographer, Vince Wallace, designed each interactive lesson and “tricks of the trade” that make this series of instructional videos and programming an exceptional holiday gift for anyone who wants to get behind the lens. The Learn & Master Photography™ series contains over 30 hours of instruction in 24 sessions on 15 professionally produced instructional DVDs, 2 photography sample CDs containing editable hi-res images used in the course sessions, a Lesson Book that follows the sessions and access to the free online student support center. It’s the only instructional product you will ever need to master the art of photography. For more information on this product go to Learn & Master Piano™: Are you ready to get serious about playing piano? Actress Patricia Heaton along with other well known celebrities are. Heaton was so excited about her new set of instructional piano lessons that she even talked about them on a recent visit to the Live With Regis & Kelly Show. Learn & Master Piano™ is by far the world’s most complete video instruction course for learning the piano. It is designed to take you from start to finish and is designed primarily for adults. Unlike the lessons many of us had as children a student or new player will begin playing popular songs right away and develop their skills using a simple step-by-step interactive progression. The package consists of 20 DVDs, 5 play along CDS and a 100+ page lesson book along with simple instructions, clear demonstrations and popular songs like “Let It Be,” “Blueberry Hill” and “Moondance,” just to name a few. There is a full online student support page where you can ask questions of your instructor, post your profile, track your progress, chat with other students or just show the world how you are fast becoming the new Billy Joel or David Foster. ABOUT LEGACY LEARNING SYSTEMS: Legacy Learning Systems is known for producing instructional multimedia training courses and apps with a mission to bring personal dreams and talents within reach, while maintaining a fun and exciting learning experience based on personal interaction, new technologies, steadfast techniques, and engaging instructors. They have created the award-winning Gibson App with over 2.5 million downloads and other Learn & Master series of creative instruction. This year they have announced a series of new products that include Guitar Apprentice™,™ and Studio Share™ and in 2012 will launch a series of highly anticipated signature artist programs. 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